We came across an interesting article at Mumbai Mirror, few rats made there way into the Doha bound flight from Mumbai and landed at Doha International Airport.


This news is really a worrisome, the rats can enter sophisticated areas and can damage vital wires and create spark or malfunction while flying. Here, Airport officials are trying different options like using Glue traps etc. which is not scalable when there is large scale infestation and also inhumane towards the rats.

We would recommend to use Ultrasonic Rat Repellents in critical infested areas, baggage area, important wire areas within the flight. Varna Suraksha Auto model efficiently protects automotive wiring’s, similarly flights can make use of these technology products which are tested and approved by STQC.

Efficacy of Ultrasonic Rat Repellents are tested and reported by University of Nebraska, United States.

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