Are rats entering your car bonnet area and biting wires, AC pipes etc.?

Usually rats enter your car in the night time searching of warm places, and try to make nest within the hood area. It starts biting and damaging wires, brake lines and creates mess in the car engine area.

People would advice to place tobacco, spray pepper, poison, chilly powder, create mesh, etc.


But those solutions have not helped everyone and permanent, you need to regularly do some activities like replacing on regular basis, clean, and monitor them. It would cost your time, patience and huge money for every bite.

Varna Enterprises provides a simple technology product called “Ultrasonic Rat Repellent” which repels the rats within a week or early after installing. This device produces ultrasonic sound above 20 Khz which is highly irritable sound for rats, therefore deter all kind of rats. This has to be fitted within car bonnet area with the help of your mechanic. It is very simple and safe for your car. (Check the reviews below)


This solution is –

  • One time activity
  • Very Effective
  • Used by huge number of satisfied customer.
  • Humane, it doesn’t kill rats
  • Clean.
Customer (Direct Car Owners) Reviews at Team BHP
Please check the video here

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