If rat is entering your Chevrolet Enjoy car engine bay and damaging your wires and accessories, install Varna Suraksha Rat Repellent following simple step by step process.

enjoyOpen the car bonnet, and place the repellent within the engine bay. Please note, the rat enters the car through wheel well and creates problem, so you should protect the complete engine bay with ultrasonic repellent.

enjoy-chev01Place repellent in the right hand side, please note, there should be atleast 10 inch of clearance between hood and the repellent to bounce back the ultrasonic sound.



Use plastic tags to tie the unit.


Connect red wire to Positive terminal and black wire to negative terminal of the battery. The unit will start working, Red light will flicker and you can hear beep sound when you press TEST button.


Stick aluminium foil just opposite the repellent to bounce back the ultrasonic sound to other side of the engine bay. If black insulation foam is not present within your hood, this process is not required.

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