I own a Scorpio vehicle.
I was facing this Rat issue for quiet a long time.
I have always neglected this, presuming what a rat can do to my vehicle.
But when the issue aggravated, i started keeping poison.
To my surprise one day my vehicle started smelling, and in a matter of 2 to 3 hours it was stinking so badly that even taking it to the service center was a task.
The rat was dead in the AC duct and it was not an easy task as i was thinking.
I had to shell out Rs 24000 and my car was in the service station for 5days.
Even after 5 days i could feel the smell and it almost took another 15 days to comedown.
That is when i took this issue seriously and started asking about the solution.
I was willing to spend any amount for this.
After a gap of time i happened to come across this Rat repellent from VARNA.
I just wanted to give it a try since i was not having any credible options. I immediately bought this to my car.
Initially i suspected this as the instrument does not make any noise or any visible actions.
But to my surprise this product really works and I have bought another for my wifes car also.
I am very happy and i strongly recommend it to every body.
It is really worth the money what is paid.

Mr.Rohith Thimmaiah

Shivlik, CMD

No.29, BCC HS Layout, Raghuvanahalli, Shani Mahatma Temple Road,
Near Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-560 062

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