Hyundai-xcent – Varna Rat Repellent

November 3rd, 2015

Simple steps to fix Varna Ultrasonic Rat Repellent for Hyundai xcent car


Fix the repellent facing towards the bonnet with the help of plastic tags provided.

xcent2Connect red wire to positive terminal and black wire to negative positive. You will the red light flickering and hear loud beep sound when “TEST” button is pressed. The unit is functional now.


Varna Rat Repellent Installation for Volkswagen Vento

August 17th, 2015





The Varna Ultrasonic Rat Repellent has to be faced towards the bonnet to reflect the sound throughout the engine bay.


The repellent has to to be firmly tied with the help of provided plastic tags.


Connect red wire to Positive Terminal and black wire to Negative Terminal.



If you hood is insulated with cushion foam, please stick aluminium sticker provided in the box.


Accessories Explained – Varna Suraksha Car Rat Repellent

July 23rd, 2015

Once you receive Varna Suraksha Car Rat Repellent, you can open the package and get ready to install following the instructions provided in the video.

Rodent Repellent System VHFO Installation for Conference Hall

July 1st, 2015

The Master Controller has to be plugged to the 230V AC Main Outlet and 50 HZ frequency


The transducers to be focused from the ceiling to the floor.






Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Testing on Live Rats

March 3rd, 2015

You can see an interesting short video of live rats moving away from a ultrasonic repellent installed area. The rats get irritated on continuous exposure to high pressure ultrasonic sound within 20KHz to 50 KHz and gradually move away where there is no ultrasonic sound.

Kindly note, rat do not get harmed or killed in this process. It is humane method to keep them away from our premise.

Rats in Honda City Car? – Install Varna Rat Repeller

February 9th, 2015

Simple installation instructions to install Varna Ultrasonic Rat Repellent in Honda City car to deter any kind of rats entering the engine bay through wheel well.


Fix the repeller firmly facing (45 degree) the bonnet hood using plastic tags and supporter provided. This will help to reflect the ultrasonic sound to other side of the engine parts.


If the hood has heat insulation, stick the aluminium foil to reflect the sound 100% back to the other part of the engine. Because heat insulation pad absorbs the ultrasonic sound to some extent and reduces the effectiveness.


Rat Problem In EcoSport, Ford – Install Varna Rat Repeller

February 9th, 2015


Easy Installation of Varna Rodent repellent in EcoSport SUV to permanently chase rats entering your engine area.

1. Please choose a space away from engine and focus the speaker towards the hood. Image shown below.


2.Use Plastic tag and metal supporter to firmly tie the repeller.



3.Plug the red wire to Positive terminal and Black wire to the negative terminal.




4.Stick aluminium foil for few days to reflect the ultrasonic sound more effectively to chase the habitual rat which frequents your car.
eco-sports4You can see desired results within 1 -2 weeks.


Avoid Rats in Toyota Innova Car – Install Varna Rat Repellent

December 31st, 2014



You can protect your car against rats invading your car engine bay by installing Varna Ultrasonic Rat Repellent. It does not interfere with any of your engine wiring or accessories.

Place the repeller facing the hood and fix it using plastic tags and frame. The ultrasonic sound will bounce back evenly when faced opposite the hood.


Connect Red wire to Positive terminal and Black wire to negative terminal. The unit will start functioning.


For initial days, you have to stick the metallic sheet provided in the package to the hood when there is heat and sound absorbing pad is within the hood. This will help to reflect 100% ultrasonic sound throughout the engine bay.

innova03Within 1 -2 weeks, rats will stop coming to your car.


Rat Problem in Ford Fiesta? – Installation of Rat Repellent

December 31st, 2014

If rat enters your Ford Fiesta Car engine bay and destroys your cables, you can easily install Varna Ultrasonic Rat Repellent following the instructions below.


Fix the repellent facing the bonnet firmly using plastic tags. Let there be enough clearance when the hood is in closed position.

fiesta2The red wire to be connected to the positive terminal and black wire to the negative terminal. The unit will start functioning. You can notice the desired results within 1-2 weeks.



Rat in Nissan Sunny Engine? – Install Varna Rat Repellent

December 5th, 2014

Fix the Varna Rat Repellent within the engine area facing towards the bonnet.

sunny02Using plastic tags to tightly tie the repellent.


Connect red wire clip to Positive and black wire to Negative terminal of the battery. The unit will start working, you will not hear any sound as it is in ultrasonic mode. You can press “TEST” button for audible mode, you will hear a noise.


You will get see desired results within 1 – 2 weeks, the rats will gradually stop visiting your car engine bay.