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Rodent Master Controller & Transducer Installation Video

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

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Rodent Repellent System VHFO Installation for Conference Hall

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

The Master Controller has to be plugged to the 230V AC Main Outlet and 50 HZ frequency


The transducers to be focused from the ceiling to the floor.






Installation of Rodent Master Controller & Repellent Transducer in Datacenter

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Easy steps to install Varna Suraksha Lxi12 or ZX20 VHFO rodent repellent system within the data-center or hub room to repel rats / mice biting cable or wire.

Place Master Controller within the electrical room or data center where 5 amp power source is available. Proper ventilation is must or temperature controlled room is better.  Stand and bracket will be provided. Master controller to be switched ON 24/7.

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The cable between Master controller and Transducers (satellites) should be carefully conduited. Each transducer requires parallel connection from the master console.


Please note: Transducers should be fixed in false ceiling, raised flooring and normal room as well.

Each Transducer can protect upto 300 Sq Ft. in a normal floor, 150 Sq Ft. in false ceiling and false flooring against rats. If there are any obstructions, partitions, sound absorbing material within the room, the area covered will be considerably less, additional transducers has to be installed.

How to fix and focus the Transducer in False Ceiling?



Transducer does not require power. Fix transducer  for every 150 sft area in false ceiling. Face the transducer focusing downwards or even side ways is also fine. (Solid surface is better for maximum bouncing of sound waves.)

Please note: Transducer can be sound tested with help of testing knob provided in the Master console. You will hear continuous beep sound.

How to fix and focus the Transducer in Raised Flooring?



Focus the transducer speaker sideways for maximum coverage. Transducer to be placed for every 150 sft. area.

In the normal room where your servers are installed, you need to place transducers for every 300 sft. area. Do not face the transducers to an open window or door, the sound will escape. If there are any obstructions, partitions, sound absorbing material within the room, the area covered by transducer will be considerably less, additional transducers has to be installed.

How to Connect VHFO Master Controller & Transducers

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Master Controller  

Master Controller ZX 20 (1 Master controller + 20 Transducers + Wire Bundle)

Master Controller Lxi 12 (1 Master controller + 12 Transducers + Wire Bundle)


  • Select a safe electrical room or corner (proper ventilation is MUST) and mount Master controller with provided Stand and bracket.
  • Plug Master Controller to 5 Amp electrical point with recommended A.C. Voltage 220/230 V only.


Back Panel (Connector is located in the rear side of the equipment)


Use 2 Core, flexible (14/40) wire to connect between the transducers and the master console.


Connect & screw the wire to the terminals (Top and Below)

Connect each transducers from the Master console back panel with independent cable. You can connect upto 12 Transducers in Lxi 12 model and 20 Transducers in ZX 20 model.


The wire to be connected to the Transducer or Satellite which emits the ultrasonic sound.

Wx6 Back Panel – (Drives 6 Transducers)


Transducer –

  • Each Transducer can cover upto 300 Sft in normal floor and 150 Sft. in false ceiling or false flooring. (Please note: If there are any obstructions within the room like partitions, cabinets, machinery,  you will need to add extra unit.)
  • Transducer does not need power.


Open the Base Layer using screw driver as shown in below. 


Connect the other side of the wire to the connector of Transducer


The backside of the transducer to be screwed to the wall or any surface. Press fit the Top Layer to the Base Layer. The transducer front portion has to be focused in correct angle to cover maximum area with maximum bounce.