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Rat Entered the Passenger Compartment Destroying Seats? Varna Ultrasonic Repellent Already Installed in Engine Bay

Friday, June 4th, 2021

The rats primarily damage the parts in the engine bay and visit the engine bay regularly through the wheel well. But they cannot enter the car passenger or compartment as the car cabin is completely sealed by the car manufacturer. Here, the rats makes a entry by nibbling the air vent or any other soft entry point and gaining a passage to the passenger area. This usually happens when there is food littering within the car, and rats try to make a way to eat and succeed.




Once the rats enter the cabin, it destroys the interiors or seat etc. as below


The Ultrasonic Device repellent installed in the engine bay will not stop rats entering the passenger cabin. Rats quickly enter through Ultrasonic area and gain entry to the cabin. So, the ultrasonic repellent cannot stop them passing by within few seconds.

What can be done now?

Step 1 : Place glue traps on floor mats to capture the rats which may reside in the car dashboard.



Step 2 : Repair by fixing a stainless steel mesh or replace the damaged part of the car where rats are entering. Fix all the entry points where rats have created.


Step 3 : PLEASE DO NOT allow anybody to eat inside the car or clear the food items every night before exit from the car.




Ultrasonic Repellent Device will protect only the engine bay by producing ultrasonic waves within the engine bay, once the rat gains entry to the passenger cabin, you will have block the entry by fixing the damaged part and flush out the rats which have already gained access inside the car cabin.



How to Repel or Avoid Rats Naturally – 6 Easy Steps

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
  1. Carefully Seal the Rat Entry Points –

    This is first step you need to carefully implement. Rats can easily enter any hole if its head get through, so find these entry points and seal or close it. Sometimes, you may leave open the windows on your garden side, you should close it completely or use steel mesh if you want to leave it open.


  2. Grow Pepper mint plants or Try Oil

    Pepper mint plants are natural deterrents, you can grow some plants in your garden, somewhere very close to your back doors and windows. Also, you can try soaking peppermint oil to some cloth or cotton balls and place near the rat entry points, the strong smell will deter rats for a period of time.

  3. Have a Cat as Pet at Home

    If you are fond of cats, have one or two cats as pet at home. Cats are naturally predator to rats, once rats feels the presence of cats, it vanishes in jiffy.

  4. Place Ultrasonic Rat Repellers

    This is a simple & permanent of way of chasing rats from any closed areas. It produces high pitch, fluctuating noise in rat hearing range (Above 20kHZ), which is highly irritating, stressful, changes the behavioral pattern of rats and makes them flee. Just place a repeller in the rooms where you would like and make it Rat-Free-Zone. Please note, it is non-audible and safe to humans.
    _MG_1874 Without Transuder

  5. Keep your Home Clean & Trash Bin Away

    Rats enter your house mainly in search of food, so don’t leave any unattended food, food leftovers or any open food. Also, keep away the trash bin from the kitchen, preferably place it outside your house.


  6. Use Humane Traps

    You get rat trap cages, use peanut butter as bait which is one of the favorite dish for rats. Once the you trap it, relieve it far away from your house in a dense unused areas. (Please note, other rats which are not trapped will be very careful to fall for the bait next time.)


Why Car? Rats Can Destroy Even Flights – Rats Fly Mumbai to Doha

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

We came across an interesting article at Mumbai Mirror, few rats made there way into the Doha bound flight from Mumbai and landed at Doha International Airport.


This news is really a worrisome, the rats can enter sophisticated areas and can damage vital wires and create spark or malfunction while flying. Here, Airport officials are trying different options like using Glue traps etc. which is not scalable when there is large scale infestation and also inhumane towards the rats.

We would recommend to use Ultrasonic Rat Repellents in critical infested areas, baggage area, important wire areas within the flight. Varna Suraksha Auto model efficiently protects automotive wiring’s, similarly flights can make use of these technology products which are tested and approved by STQC.

Efficacy of Ultrasonic Rat Repellents are tested and reported by University of Nebraska, United States.

Varna Rat Repellent – Feedback from Scorpio Owner – Mr.Rohith

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014



I own a Scorpio vehicle.
I was facing this Rat issue for quiet a long time.
I have always neglected this, presuming what a rat can do to my vehicle.
But when the issue aggravated, i started keeping poison.
To my surprise one day my vehicle started smelling, and in a matter of 2 to 3 hours it was stinking so badly that even taking it to the service center was a task.
The rat was dead in the AC duct and it was not an easy task as i was thinking.
I had to shell out Rs 24000 and my car was in the service station for 5days.
Even after 5 days i could feel the smell and it almost took another 15 days to comedown.
That is when i took this issue seriously and started asking about the solution.
I was willing to spend any amount for this.
After a gap of time i happened to come across this Rat repellent from VARNA.
I just wanted to give it a try since i was not having any credible options. I immediately bought this to my car.
Initially i suspected this as the instrument does not make any noise or any visible actions.
But to my surprise this product really works and I have bought another for my wifes car also.
I am very happy and i strongly recommend it to every body.
It is really worth the money what is paid.

Mr.Rohith Thimmaiah

Shivlik, CMD

No.29, BCC HS Layout, Raghuvanahalli, Shani Mahatma Temple Road,
Near Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-560 062

Varna Suraksha Rat Repellent for Cars – TEAM BHP Review (Automotive User Forum)

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

We came across few reviews and feedbacks from TEAM BHP (a reputed automotive forum). We thought of sharing those links for your kind reference.


 Senior Member Mr.Rajith (Forum Join Date: Jul 2008, Total Post Posts: 518 )

  1. How do you protect your car from rats?  Please read RAJITH post
  2. XUV 500 niggles and their solutions  Please read RAJITH post
  3. Review by Deehunk (Team BHP user) who installed around the date 21st June 2013, and posted results on July 21st 2013 on the same page, post no. #878.

Senior Member Mr.Chetan Rao (Forum Join Date: Jul 2010, Total Posts Made: 446)

Please go through complete thread of user discussions, you will find more valuable resources.

Thanks to TEAM BHP Members.


Ultrasonic Rat Repellent – Do they work?

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

This is a common question for any person who wants to try this product. We need some proper authority approval or scientific backing to believe.

In the year 1984, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, United States did a comprehensive testing on different samples of ultrasonic devices in various closed chambers for number of days with live rats and published a comprehensive report.

The report EFFICACY TEST PROTOCOLS FOR EVALUATION OF ULTRASONIC RODENT REPELLENT DEVICES  is published in the university official website. Link:

Stephen A. Schumake
Denver Wildlife Research Center

G. Keith LaVoie
Denver Wildlife Research Center

Kenneth Crane
Denver Wildlife Research Center

The report can be download and printed – PDF format

The report concludes as –

“Both the laboratory and field test protocols were found to be easily applied for the efficacy
evaluations of ultrasonic rodent repellent devices. Repellency effects on existing rodent infestations
were evaluated with six official EPA sample devices. Devices were assessed in wood, brick, and metal
structures ranging in floor space from 6.5 to 197 sq m. In all cases, rodents under test could either
leave the buildings or move to alternate non-ultrasonically treated areas. Separate evaluations were
conducted to assure that adequate food, water, and harborage were available at these alternate locations.
Tabulated data from these efficacy tests can also be used to evaluate ultrasound repellency threshold
levels and potential habituation effects.”

Therefore, we conclude that “Ultrasonic Rat Repellent” works best if it is used in any closed premises, car bonnet area, etc. But, please do not use in Open outdoor areas, you will not get the results as the ultrasonic sound gets diluted in the open air.

Rats in the car engine? Simple & permanent rat repellent for cars

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Are rats entering your car bonnet area and biting wires, AC pipes etc.?

Usually rats enter your car in the night time searching of warm places, and try to make nest within the hood area. It starts biting and damaging wires, brake lines and creates mess in the car engine area.

People would advice to place tobacco, spray pepper, poison, chilly powder, create mesh, etc.


But those solutions have not helped everyone and permanent, you need to regularly do some activities like replacing on regular basis, clean, and monitor them. It would cost your time, patience and huge money for every bite.

Varna Enterprises provides a simple technology product called “Ultrasonic Rat Repellent” which repels the rats within a week or early after installing. This device produces ultrasonic sound above 20 Khz which is highly irritable sound for rats, therefore deter all kind of rats. This has to be fitted within car bonnet area with the help of your mechanic. It is very simple and safe for your car. (Check the reviews below)


This solution is –

  • One time activity
  • Very Effective
  • Used by huge number of satisfied customer.
  • Humane, it doesn’t kill rats
  • Clean.
Online Store to purchase –
Customer (Direct Car Owners) Reviews at Team BHP
Please check the video here

Ultrasonic Car Rat Repellent for Volkswagen Polo – Customer Review

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Customer Testimonial – Shankar H, IT professional, Bangalore

Dear Varna Pest Control,

Please accept my sincere thanks for all the help you and your company provided in resolving rat replants problem with my POLO.
I heard about your product and company after having to pay a big bill to VolksWagen, towards rat destruction of my sensor unit in bonnet.
I got it fitted your rat replant instrument as per your technical advice.  POLO having a cushion covered in the bonnet made things bit difficult for your instrument to work more effectively without a custom made sheet which helped to reflect the ultrasonic waves.
Though problem seems to have resolved for some time – the sleepless night returned again when I observed myself the rat in the bonnet with some wires cut.  After a quick fix, problem surfaced again having the instrument wire connecting the battery being cut, which made me to take the things bit seriously.
As the instrument was under warranty, I called your office – but for surprise I had your personal with a new instrument the same evening.  I was really impressed with your quick action. After understanding the issues and further examination, your technical person was of the opinion that this may require some customization and promise to return within 2 days.

He arrived as promised – this really convinced about your customer commitments.  He customized the instrument with two speaker (against a single speaker) facing down ward to be effective for places where problem has surfaced earlier. I was convinced with the solution.

My happiness was short lived, I happen to see myself the rat in the bonnet which had cut the instrument’s plug connecting the battery unit.  It was very disturbing.  Shifted my car to different location and intimated you for a permanent solution.

Things unfolding after this proved your utmost care for customer with permanent solution, which even with my experience lacks with MNC companies.
One of Varna professional was arranged to inspect my parking place and later a Customer visit was arranged (who had a similar issue).  This made us to view the problem in new dimension to fit the instrument in POLO’s compact bonnet space.
This time two speaker’s directions were changed. Two speakers were mounted facing upward in the place which as per your suggestion will make more efficient.  Thin metal sheet was cut to cover the bonnet cushion area (as shown in attached photo).
I have stated parking in the same place – it’s been two weeks since and there is no issue.
It feels good.  I was really moved with help you and your personal provided.   I feel Varna really deserve the mission statement “Customer satisfaction is our MOTO”.
I wish you and Varna all the best in your journey of keeping smile on your customer.

Best Regards,  Shankar H


The customer has replaced with single ultrasonic unit and detached the heat proof layer from the car, and it is working fine. Please find the latest picture

Please Check the Specifications of Varna Ultrasonic Auto Model.