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Rat Entered the Passenger Compartment Destroying Seats? Varna Ultrasonic Repellent Already Installed in Engine Bay

Friday, June 4th, 2021

The rats primarily damage the parts in the engine bay and visit the engine bay regularly through the wheel well. But they cannot enter the car passenger or compartment as the car cabin is completely sealed by the car manufacturer. Here, the rats makes a entry by nibbling the air vent or any other soft entry point and gaining a passage to the passenger area. This usually happens when there is food littering within the car, and rats try to make a way to eat and succeed.




Once the rats enter the cabin, it destroys the interiors or seat etc. as below


The Ultrasonic Device repellent installed in the engine bay will not stop rats entering the passenger cabin. Rats quickly enter through Ultrasonic area and gain entry to the cabin. So, the ultrasonic repellent cannot stop them passing by within few seconds.

What can be done now?

Step 1 : Place glue traps on floor mats to capture the rats which may reside in the car dashboard.



Step 2 : Repair or replace the damaged part of the car where rats are entering. Fix all the entry points where rats have created.

Step 3 : PLEASE DO NOT allow anybody to eat inside the car or clear the food items every night before exit from the car.



Ultrasonic Repellent Device will protect only the engine bay by producing ultrasonic waves within the engine bay, once the rat gains entry to the passenger cabin, you will have block the entry by fixing the damaged part and flush out the rats which have already gained access inside the car cabin.