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Ultrasonic Rat Repeller installation picture at BMW Car

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Simple steps to install Varna Suraksha Ultrasonic Rat Repeller at BMW car.

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Fix the repellent to any spacious side of the engine bay.  You need to focus the speaker towards the hood.


Though your battery is situated in the rear, you can see + terminal located as shown in the above picture. Connect the red + wire to the terminal. The black wire (earthing) can be clipped to any bolt as shown the in the figure. You can see the Unit is switched ON now.


Stick aluminium sticker to the interior part of the hood just opposite to the repellent.

Within 1 week, you can see rats gradually avoiding your car.




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Honda Amaze – Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Installation

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Fix the rat repeller near the battery, speaker facing upwards.

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The wire to be connected to the battery terminals


Stick aluminium foil to the hood just opposite to the repellent.



Purchase Varna Rat Repellent online at Varna Suraksha Website.



Rat repeller installation for Tata Indica

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Face the Varna rat repeller upwards facing the bonnet

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Paste the aluminium sticker to the hood to reflect the ultrasonic sound throughout the engine bay.

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Varna Rat Repeller Installation for Skoda

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

skoda01Repellent has to be faced upwards (slightly tilted) to re-bounce the ultrasonic sound throughout the engine bay. Wires to be connected to the battery terminals has highlighted in the above picture.


Stick the aluminium foil sheet just opposite to the repeller to re-bounce the ultrasonic sound. skoda03

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skoda may require double repellent installation, as the engine compartment is too congested to distribute the ultrasonic sound throughout the bonnet area. Please see double repellent Installation


How to Connect VHFO Master Controller & Transducers

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Master Controller  

Master Controller ZX 20 (1 Master controller + 20 Transducers + Wire Bundle)

Master Controller Lxi 12 (1 Master controller + 12 Transducers + Wire Bundle)


  • Select a safe electrical room or corner (proper ventilation is MUST) and mount Master controller with provided Stand and bracket.
  • Plug Master Controller to 5 Amp electrical point with recommended A.C. Voltage 220/230 V only.


Back Panel (Connector is located in the rear side of the equipment)


Use 2 Core, flexible (14/40) wire to connect between the transducers and the master console.


Connect & screw the wire to the terminals (Top and Below)

Connect each transducers from the Master console back panel with independent cable. You can connect upto 12 Transducers in Lxi 12 model and 20 Transducers in ZX 20 model.


The wire to be connected to the Transducer or Satellite which emits the ultrasonic sound.

Wx6 Back Panel – (Drives 6 Transducers)


Transducer –

  • Each Transducer can cover upto 300 Sft in normal floor and 150 Sft. in false ceiling or false flooring. (Please note: If there are any obstructions within the room like partitions, cabinets, machinery,  you will need to add extra unit.)
  • Transducer does not need power.


Open the Base Layer using screw driver as shown in below. 


Connect the other side of the wire to the connector of Transducer


The backside of the transducer to be screwed to the wall or any surface. Press fit the Top Layer to the Base Layer. The transducer front portion has to be focused in correct angle to cover maximum area with maximum bounce.



Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Fixing Pictures – Swift & Dezire Car

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Please see the pictures of installing ultrasonic rat repellent for Swift and Dezire car engine bay.


Face the repellent towards the hood.


Tag the unit with the help of plastic tags.


Paste aluminium sticker within the hood, as you can see black insulation pad will absorb the ultrasonic sound and does not reflect the frequency. (Varna Suraksha will supply this on request.)



Connect the red and black wire to battery terminals and test the unit.



Swift Petrol VXI – Positioning

Rat Repellent Installation Pictures for Fiat Linea

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Face the Repellent towards the bonnet hood.

Tie the unit with the help of plastic tags.



Paste aluminium foil just opposite the repellent to reflect the ultrasonic sound throughout the bonnet area.+

How to Repel or Avoid Rats Naturally – 6 Easy Steps

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
  1. Carefully Seal the Rat Entry Points –

    This is first step you need to carefully implement. Rats can easily enter any hole if its head get through, so find these entry points and seal or close it. Sometimes, you may leave open the windows on your garden side, you should close it completely or use steel mesh if you want to leave it open.


  2. Grow Pepper mint plants or Try Oil

    Pepper mint plants are natural deterrents, you can grow some plants in your garden, somewhere very close to your back doors and windows. Also, you can try soaking peppermint oil to some cloth or cotton balls and place near the rat entry points, the strong smell will deter rats for a period of time.

  3. Have a Cat as Pet at Home

    If you are fond of cats, have one or two cats as pet at home. Cats are naturally predator to rats, once rats feels the presence of cats, it vanishes in jiffy.

  4. Place Ultrasonic Rat Repellers

    This is a simple & permanent of way of chasing rats from any closed areas. It produces high pitch, fluctuating noise in rat hearing range (Above 20kHZ), which is highly irritating, stressful, changes the behavioral pattern of rats and makes them flee. Just place a repeller in the rooms where you would like and make it Rat-Free-Zone. Please note, it is non-audible and safe to humans.
    _MG_1874 Without Transuder

  5. Keep your Home Clean & Trash Bin Away

    Rats enter your house mainly in search of food, so don’t leave any unattended food, food leftovers or any open food. Also, keep away the trash bin from the kitchen, preferably place it outside your house.


  6. Use Humane Traps

    You get rat trap cages, use peanut butter as bait which is one of the favorite dish for rats. Once the you trap it, relieve it far away from your house in a dense unused areas. (Please note, other rats which are not trapped will be very careful to fall for the bait next time.)


How to Fix Car Rat Repellent When There is Insulation Pad Within the Hood

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Please face the repellent facing towards the hood. If there is insulation pad fixed within the bonnet lid, it will absorb the ultrasonic sound to some extent and not reflect the sound to every corner of the engine bay. So, please stick aluminium sticker just opposite to the repellent to reflect the ultrasonic sound.


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